Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Can I Give?

A Christmas Star

Okay, this post is TOP SECRET if you are Mema or Granny. Otherwise, read on.

This simple ornament was made with love by Timothy, 5 years old. He did it all by himself. Well, I handled clean-up. I'm a pro at cleaning up. ;)

:How To:
1) Take five (5) popsicle sticks. You can eat the popsicle first (no biting!) or you can just buy a box of sticks. But what fun is that? (Umm, yeah... more sugar this month?! We bought the box of sticks.) Lay said sticks in a star shape. Glue along the way. Timothy took out a glue stick and did all of this without me. If your child is younger, you can hot-glue ahead of time.
2) Paint whatever color their little heart desires.
3) Timbo wanted a super-special ornament, so we "painted" on a glue wash (water glue down a bit and paint on w/a paintbrush) and then he sprinkled colored sprinkle things on the star for extra pizzaz. He's that kind of guy. Andrew would have just broken the ornament apart at this point and used it as a sword.
4) This is apparently the MOST IMPORTANT STEP. I know this because Timothy has *repeatedly* told me we must put the string on!! We still haven't done this but don't worry, he won't let me forget.
5) Write the lucky dawg who is getting this amazing gift's name on the back in permanent marker (we used a silver paint pen) and let the artist sign his name.

Wrap. Give. Smile. Because it was easy, they did it all by themselves, and that makes you a pretty fun mom. Consider this idea my gift to you. Merry Christmas!

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