Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am thankful for family.

Dad was moved from Shands to a rehab facility today. Nothing like seeing life hanging in the balance to remind me how precious it is!! Dad's recovery is going much quicker than expected and our family is thanking our gracious Lord, Creator and Healer, for working in Dad's body. Jesus has sustained Mom as she cares for Dad, given doctors wisdom and given Dad favor in getting in hospitals & rehab facilities that usually take days or more to open up a bed. We have a lot to be thankful for!

Because of Dad's condition, instead of going to Tallahassee for our annual ginormous family gathering (which totally rocks!) we'll be keeping it simple with Granny, Pops, and Auntie, Uncle T & Landon. This is the first thanksgiving Krissy & I will be doing the cooking and our family will gather around the table and pray and share. I'll miss the big family- but I'm looking forward to the intimacy of immediate family. I hope I can express to each what I'm most thankful for in my smiles, actions, and a yummy homecooked meal as well as with my words. Today, this month, and all the time- I'm thankful for family.

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