Monday, June 16, 2008

A Fun Father's Day Weekend!

Chris is a fantastic Daddy. He is loving, patient, ecouraging, fun and he catches yummy fish! For Father's Day, the kiddos and I bought him a tube to pull behind the boat. It was a little scary for me at first- but a blast for everyone (including Mama) by the end!

We had perfect weather Friday evening for tubing- the wind was blowing from the South and it laid the waves down for a smooth first time tubing. Here are a few pictures of the trip.

Saturday morning, Chris went off-shore to fish (he caught a beautiful Lane Snapper- pinkish with bright yellow stripes! Yummy!). While he was fishing, the kiddos & I went blueberry picking. We set up an assembly line when we arrived back home- Timbo picked out the stems, Ben wiped them clean & Lauren sorted to be eaten fresh or frozen! Andrew just ate the blueberries. :)

On Father's Day, we enjoyed a relaxing day at home. Fresh-picked blueberries in the homemade pancakes for breakfast. Then we had an absolutely glorious church service- man, heaven is going to be so amazing. I can't wait to worship with all the saints! After church, we napped (the 2nd best gift a Dad can receive!) and then grilled out (in the rain). We tried Salmon on a cedar plank... yummy! I didn't take pictures of that, but the children had a blast playing in the drizzling rain while Chris grilled.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worth Listening To

Does faith always come easily and naturally to you? No? Ok, good- then read on.

A few evenings ago, Chris and I listened to a sermon John Piper gave at New Attitude 08. I won't do it justice to try and summarize it, so just listen to it. :) The sermon I'm referring to is "Fighting for Faith with God's Word" although you won't go wrong listening to any of the messages on that page! I'm halfway through Al Mohler's Q&A session and it's been fantastic as well. In "Fighting for Faith", Piper encourages us to equip ourselves for various trials by being familiar with and memorizing scripture.

What areas do you find yourself weak in? (Some that popped right into my mind: anger, lack of joy, impatience...) And what situations might you encounter? Throughout the message, I found myself making a mental list of passages of scripture I would like to study more and commit to memory. Fantastic exhortation- make the time to listen! I'd love to hear which verses the Lord has laid on your heart or an area you intend to focus on as far as memorization goes. :) That's what the "comment" section is for!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I think it's a bit crazy when I get excited about finding gas at $3.91. That's painful when filling up the truck!

"Back when I was a kid..." (read that in a crackly old voice!) it used to be only $ .79!! And I could buy gum for $ .01!! Johnston's Feed Store had a penny gum machine that dispensed a handfull of gum squares. Green and red were my favorite. Pink tasted like Pepto Bismol. Blech. Oh, and they had the best sausage... but I digress. :) I just had to share the joy of my gas price!!