Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When Mamma's Sick...

When Mamma is sick, all kinds of things happen.

Note the shorts and undies in the bread machine. They're Andrew's. Enough said. ;)

The vacuum cleaner head is missing. Not the vac, just the attachment we need to clean the wood floors. Hmm...

Most of my magazines have corners (or whole pages) chewed off... really, Clara? I'm sure Daddy fed you and I *know* I nursed you plenty!

Of course, some pretty wonderful things happened, as well. Lauren cooked several meals. (Ben cooked one, but we put him back on kid duty after that one... Lauren's kitchen skills are, shall we say, more honed?) Ben played with Andrew, Georgia and Clara so I could rest. Georgia took a nap yesterday (a miracle, I tell you!)

And, most importantly, I've been reminded of what matters most. Laying in the backyard together, listening to Timothy's stories about ninjas, sharing favorite parts of movies... The Lord has reminded me of what matters most, and that right now is *real life* time spent with my sweet little ones. Thanks, Abba.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Happy {sick} Day

What makes a sick day a happy {sick} day?

1~ No more fever for Mamma. 98.4 baby, yeah!

2~ My new, funky, fun Birthday Turtle. My sis got it for me and it makes me smile.

3~ Gorgeous weather. Breezy enough to enjoy being outside under the shade of the crepe myrtle, beside my funky turtle.

4~ A snuggly, warm baby who wants to nurse and snuggle a lot but is well enough to still play and be happy!

5~ A baby book (thanks, Jadi & Aunt Terrie!) for Clara and time to make it perfect.

6~ A hubby who cares for me (us) so well, makes yummy food, keeps the house running so I can rest.

7~ Time to read magazines Mamma gave me months ago and learn about gardening in the state I love.

8~ A nice phone chat with that same, sweet Mamma.

9~ Friends who pick up my sick-slack without a thought.

10~ The ding-dong of my doorbell and the blessing of a happy neighbor delivering freshly picked strawberries with a gorgeous smile.

Today was a happy {sick} day!!

I'm so grateful for the Lord's kindness in these ways and so many more...