Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sick Little Guy

Okay- first the warning. This post involves bodily fluids. If you have a weak stomach (as I know many of you do) please skip this one!
Timbo is sick. :( He woke up tonight at 9:30 in a puddle (that's a huge understatement) of throw-up. Pobrecito!! What made it worse is Ben was snuggled up with him in bed!

I know that is really disgusting- why am I posting this info on my blog? Well, mostly as a reminder to myself! I don't want to forget the "good times". (Yes, it is possible to count it all joy in the midst of very stinky trials! James 1:2)

When I put Timothy in the tub and had most of the sheets off the bed & cleaned up, I woke Benjamin up to move to his bed. Fortunately, he escaped most of the mess. I would love to remember this part forever. He didn't complain about the smell, he didn't whine about being woken up- he just got up and let me change his shirt & moved to his bed. Then, he asked how Timbo was doing. His first thought was for his brother! Then he prayed for Timbo. Oh, be still my mother's heart! There is nothing in this world that can compare with the thrill of seeing my children walk out the things we are striving to teach them. It brings to mind what Ben, then 6 years old, said when Timothy was born on his birthday. "This is the best birthday present ever!"

The icing on the cake for the whole evening was that I had socks with holes in them on my feet and Timbo had PJs I don't like (we've had them since Ben was a baby & they're showing their age) and I'd decided earlier in the day to toss both in the morning after using them one last time. Well, they sure did go out with a bang!! What are the chances?! *grin* So although I know sickness is a consequence of sin here on the earth and we are fully susceptible to illness, I also am aware of the Lord's hand even in the midst of a night of, well, you know.

Oh, gracious. Andrew just threw up. That is a downside of a large family- I could be up all night if they're each 2 hours apart. LOL

Nevertheless, I will give THANKS to The Lord, for He IS GOOD! His love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Almost Heaven

Andrew woke up when Chris left for work this morning. He is so snuggly when he wakes up! I toted him around the house opening blinds in preparation for the sun's rising. When we came to the back sliders, I decided to take a few minutes with him outside.

This is a miracle in itself. I am so driven to accomplish things that I often miss those special little moments! We stepped into the cool, brisk morning air (another miracle- remember, this is FL!) and he snuggled tighter against me. Andrew and I sat in the adirondack chair and enjoyed each others' warmth- he warm in his blue fleece pajamas and I a bit chilly in shorts.

I could hear Ben, Lauren and Timothy playing and giggling inside. The cool morning breeze carried the sweet scent of the nearby tea olive bush past me and Andrew was so perfectly warm against the chilly breeze that I was lost for a moment in joyful contemplation. Can you imagine that moments like this are just a taste of what heaven will be like?

I thanked the Lord for his kindness in giving Andrew and I this moment together. I thanked him for giving us a glimpse of our future home (heaven). Could life get any better? Apparently! At that moment, a blue heron silently waded past us- just yards away- in the nearby pond. Andrew and I talked about the bird and watched him majestically stride away. Herons are very graceful birds. The beauty of it all, though, was the fact that we were already experiencing a perfect morning- and God added one more thing... it reminded me that Heaven will be just like that. An eternity of seeing new aspects of God, and worshiping Him for them. Eternity of enjoying snuggles with family and crisp mornings overlooking the water as the fog slowly lifts.

As the puritan prayer from Valley of Vision says, "Increase my love, O my God, through time and eternity."

Monday, March 3, 2008

Life is short... eat dessert first!

Dinner is at 6:00 at our house. Everything was ready on time tonight (Yay! Good wife points!) and then Chris called-he would be home late. : ( Fortunately for the children and me, I made an apple pie last night so all was not lost! We had apple pie & ice cream for appetizers and we're watching old Superman cartoons right now. :) Lauren wants to know if Krypton is still a planet. :) Now a mad scientist is going to fire his Electrothanasia Ray and destroy the city- and Lois Lane!! This looks like a job for SUPERMAN! LOL

Sometimes, instead of changing my expectations and coming up with a creative idea, I fire my Electrothanasia Ray at the nearest victim. I'm so thankful for the Lord giving me creativity today and helping us turn a potentially devestating situation into a fun evening! We needed more than Superman- and my Hero came through again.

My hero with a little "h" is home now- time for dinner!