Monday, March 3, 2008

Life is short... eat dessert first!

Dinner is at 6:00 at our house. Everything was ready on time tonight (Yay! Good wife points!) and then Chris called-he would be home late. : ( Fortunately for the children and me, I made an apple pie last night so all was not lost! We had apple pie & ice cream for appetizers and we're watching old Superman cartoons right now. :) Lauren wants to know if Krypton is still a planet. :) Now a mad scientist is going to fire his Electrothanasia Ray and destroy the city- and Lois Lane!! This looks like a job for SUPERMAN! LOL

Sometimes, instead of changing my expectations and coming up with a creative idea, I fire my Electrothanasia Ray at the nearest victim. I'm so thankful for the Lord giving me creativity today and helping us turn a potentially devestating situation into a fun evening! We needed more than Superman- and my Hero came through again.

My hero with a little "h" is home now- time for dinner!

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