Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts on Motherhood

I find myself so caught up in living out motherhood most days that I don't really think of the motives for what I do. I thank the Lord that He has ingrained in me core values to pass on to the kiddos!

So what exactly is mothering? Is it keeping laundry clean and faces washed and tummies full of nutritios food? Yes, of course... but it is so much more.

I'm thinking of writing my next article on mothering. It's an art that's largely lost in our fast-paced society. Or at least, it's changing it's face and not all for the better.

Do you have thoughts on mothering? I'd love your input as I develop my article. Be forewarned... If you comment, I may quote you. ;)

p.s. The photo is Mom holding Georgia Anne, so it's technically "Grandmothering" but seeing as how that's an extension of Mothering, and I learned Mothering from my Mom, I found it quite appropriate.