Monday, June 29, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"Cool! I can make tire tracks in the dust!" -Ben while playing with his "off-road" black Lego car

"Hey Mom, why [is the] beach inside?" -Andrew when the kiddie pool was on its way to the backyard

"I love you, Mamma. " -Timbo, being sweet to his sick Mamma

And the picture you see is of Lauren, our little chef, putting the final touches on a Southwestern salad & dressing she made.

Georgia Anne is standing at my feet now being adorable... yes, you read right, STANDING! I'm going to go sit outside in the pool with them now, brain & fingers are too wiped out to do any more. PTL for flexible summer days (and that my children are obedient and my New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream will be waiting for me when I recover!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Carpe Diem vs. Slow & Steady

I have a little whisperer on each shoulder.

C.D. cheers, "Drop everything and go play with the children!"

"Don't be silly! Finish this small vacuum job and put away the cleaner so you won't come back inside to a mess!" responds S & S with measured words.

"Messes will always be around! It'll be too hot to go outside if you wait much longer. First things first! Enjoy your little ones." demands C.D.

S&S sighs, "Oh please! Enjoy the children? Will you really be enjoying them when you come inside to mounds of laundry, a grocery list to be made & shopping to do and you stub your toe on the vacuum cleaner you left out?!"

Today, I finished the vacuuming in my bathroom and assigned the kitchen to Lauren. I'm going to put the cleaner away before going outside... I hate stubbing my toe! I'm leaving the laundry and now going outside (even though it's hot) and still wandering just what the right thing to do would be?!

In the end, I needed to just DO something! I can vascillate all day and accomplish neither fun nor to-dos. It's time to stop overthinking and start living!
p.s. Isn't Krissy so cute with Landon sleeping on her shoulder? It has nothing to do with the post- I just love my sister! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A new year, a new name, but the Biblically-based teaching remains a constant. Chris went to NEXT this year and says he's taking me next time! No longer a "singles conference" (formerly New Attitude), NEXT is online & needs your attention! Like now! 2009 NEXT Messages Yes, you. Click that link.

D.A. Carson's message was my fave, but they're all wonderful. Make sure to listen in order... and then tell me which ministered to you the most.