Saturday, June 26, 2010

Every Florida Boy Needs to know...

how to fish (first importance) and how to surf!!

Today was Ben AND Chris' first day surfing!! Mr. Holger was an excellent teacher & the Lord provided gentle waves for a great first time.

All the guys surfed from 7:30 'til 10 ish and then grabbed a surfer's breakfast at a nearby beach spot. Mr. Holger said Ben is a natural- and Chris said they've created a monster. Hehe Papa can't wait to come up and help "learn him good". :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Day Off

Wow. I haven't laid around and read books all morning... ever. Well, not since my life as Mamma to many, anyways. But after a week and a half of swim lessons (during which regular activities failed to realize we were busy and continued as usual) I decided to take the day off!

Okay, I never would have- but my sweet hubby is teaching me how to slow down. So I'm looking at a cleaning kit on the floor of my bathroom, toys on the floor in the family room, and 4 pineapple & 4 pints of strawberries that need to be chopped before tonight's wedding shower... but I am not stressed. I am not stressed. (That bore repeating!)

Instead, I'm listening to Jeff Purswell's escatalogical message on the End Times while tidying my room (okay, I can't take the day COMPLETELY off!) and weeding through piles of books so my room can be a haven when baby comes- not a pigpen!

This post is to remind me that life goes on- slowing down is a good thing.