Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of home theatres and the theatre of the heart...

The ladder is out because I've decided to install a Mommy version of a home theatre system. I put speakers up on top of my desk, put the projector in the desk's hutch and will leave my laptop on the desk to play DVDs from. Lauren & I have a date with The Sound of Music when I'm all done. :)

While I'm cleaning & working, I'm listening to a very interesting & helpful session from a homeschooling convention, Meeting With God: A Toolbox Approach by Marcia Sommerville. This is covering how to teach the children to spend a meaningful time with God. Please listen!

Okay- back to work!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Can I Give??

The Next Gift!!

This December, there were a lot of family traditions we had to skip. But there was a very special one we kept this morning!

When someone has the privilege of opening a gift, they then get to choose the next one to *give*.

It blesses my Mamma heart to hear the children ask, "Can I give the next gift?!"

9:36. Stockings were pilfered, gifts given, breakfast shared and now a full day available to make memories. Like reading the rest of the Christmas Story from Luke around the fire. Those are the memories that count!! Merry Christmas, friends!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Can I Give?

A Rice Krispie Pop!

Timothy wanted to make these yummy gifts for his brothers and sisters. It was the perfect thing because he is old enough to stir & melt the marshmallows and butter, mix in the krispies, and have a lot of fun decorating the "pops".

We added popsicle sticks to the rice krispie treats to mix it up a bit. I've seen them dipped in or drizzled with chocolate as well, but the faces he made from dried fruit are so Timbo!!

Whether you're wanting to make a last minute treat or gathering ideas for next year, try this one! Kiddos with allergies can also make this treat- we even have a healthy version that is sugar free & uses brown rice syrup to sweeten & bond. We didn't use that one. ;)

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Can I Give?

A Reindeer Ornament!

This simple ornament is special because it records the size of your child's hand- I imagine unpacking this next year and hearing Andrew exclaim, "Wow! I'm big now!"

It's pretty much a no-brainer, so I'll just list the supplies you need & let you go from there.

*Cardboard or Card stock (to trace hand on)
* Brown Pipe Cleaner for antlers
* Red button, pom pom, paint (etc) for nose
* Googly eye, black marker, sequin (etc) for eye
* Single Hole Punch & Ribbon to hang

One craft book suggested covering the whole handprint in felt. Or you could paint your little one's palm and press onto the cardboard. Or leave it plain. Or decorate it. Or cut it out of the tanned skin of a recently-bagged deer. What? You forgot to tan yours? Hmm- look for road kill? No? Okay, maybe we should just stick with paint. ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Too Much of a Good Thing?

I love traditions. Cider or Hot Chocolate while decorating the tree, stockings first thing Christmas morning with a fireside breakfast, three gifts each just like Jesus...

This year, I feel like this photo of our Nativity Scene. Like I'm missing something. What?! Most of our shopping is done. School is light, field trips & parties going smoothly, so what gives? I think... I *think* among all my good traditions, I'm missing Jesus. I'm trying one too many traditions. We added one big one (daily) and subtracted our annual Christmas Gingerbread Nativity Unit Study. I thought the gingerbread nativity wasn't worth the hassle... but I'm kind of missing it!

As I meditate on what's going on... I wonder if I got so caught up in "doing the right ones" that I am missing the heart of Christmas? For all the headaches that come with the *stupid* Gingerbread Nativity, it is wonderfully focused on the Christmas story.

So I'm considering starting over. Monday is a new week... what do you think? Shall I go back to my first hate ... er... love? LOL Toss the "New and Improved" Christmas traditions and just stick with the flawed, fun(ny), ones?

I think I'm answering myself as I type. There are soooo many different traditions because each family is unique. And we don't want the ones that are great for other families. We need to do whatever will turn our hearts to Jesus, the Christ. Messiah. Baby. Emmanuel = God with us! Oh, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Can I Give?

Have you ever seen such a cool bookmark?

(Shake your head "no"!)

Timothy made these last year and I think they're pretty special. They've held up well, so we won't be making them this year... because that would be redundant. Unique, long-lasting, and beautiful. Email me a picture if you make them- I'll post it here for others to see!

:How To:
1) Have fun with watercolors on white paper. Let dry.
2) Cut card stock (any color) into desired bookmark size.
3) Cut the dry watercolor into strips, blocks, hearts, lines, or whatever your Picasso wants!
4) Glue the watercolor shapes onto the card stock.
5) Write a message on the back. Young children can dictate and sign. Don't forget the date!
6) Laminate. I took ours to School Aids and had it laminated for a couple of dollars. You could buy contact paper and do it yourself, but only if you have no school supply store within a hundred miles... it's cheaper & easier & lasts longer if they do it.

Give with a good book, in a Christmas card, or wrap it!