Friday, December 3, 2010


Too Much of a Good Thing?

I love traditions. Cider or Hot Chocolate while decorating the tree, stockings first thing Christmas morning with a fireside breakfast, three gifts each just like Jesus...

This year, I feel like this photo of our Nativity Scene. Like I'm missing something. What?! Most of our shopping is done. School is light, field trips & parties going smoothly, so what gives? I think... I *think* among all my good traditions, I'm missing Jesus. I'm trying one too many traditions. We added one big one (daily) and subtracted our annual Christmas Gingerbread Nativity Unit Study. I thought the gingerbread nativity wasn't worth the hassle... but I'm kind of missing it!

As I meditate on what's going on... I wonder if I got so caught up in "doing the right ones" that I am missing the heart of Christmas? For all the headaches that come with the *stupid* Gingerbread Nativity, it is wonderfully focused on the Christmas story.

So I'm considering starting over. Monday is a new week... what do you think? Shall I go back to my first hate ... er... love? LOL Toss the "New and Improved" Christmas traditions and just stick with the flawed, fun(ny), ones?

I think I'm answering myself as I type. There are soooo many different traditions because each family is unique. And we don't want the ones that are great for other families. We need to do whatever will turn our hearts to Jesus, the Christ. Messiah. Baby. Emmanuel = God with us! Oh, Merry Christmas!

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