Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Can I Give?

Have you ever seen such a cool bookmark?

(Shake your head "no"!)

Timothy made these last year and I think they're pretty special. They've held up well, so we won't be making them this year... because that would be redundant. Unique, long-lasting, and beautiful. Email me a picture if you make them- I'll post it here for others to see!

:How To:
1) Have fun with watercolors on white paper. Let dry.
2) Cut card stock (any color) into desired bookmark size.
3) Cut the dry watercolor into strips, blocks, hearts, lines, or whatever your Picasso wants!
4) Glue the watercolor shapes onto the card stock.
5) Write a message on the back. Young children can dictate and sign. Don't forget the date!
6) Laminate. I took ours to School Aids and had it laminated for a couple of dollars. You could buy contact paper and do it yourself, but only if you have no school supply store within a hundred miles... it's cheaper & easier & lasts longer if they do it.

Give with a good book, in a Christmas card, or wrap it!

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