Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tile Time!

Yay for handy and willing hubbies!! Chris started tiling our foyer & dining room this weekend. Eventually, we'll tile the whole foyer, dining room & kitchen.

Marianne, our tile consultant/sales gal/friend steered us toward porcelain for it's durability- and I'm already grateful! Andrew was "helping" this morning & hammered the just-installed tile... and it didn't even chip!

Andrew seems determined to help Daddy grow in grace during this project. Yesterday, he ran straight onto the wet tile (bad, bad, bad!). Chris just picked him up and brought him to me, told Andrew not to walk on the freshly laid tile, and went to work fixing the now crooked tile. Now, if *that* isn't the Lord helping Daddy O to be patient, self-controlled and loving, I don't know what is!

So I'm thankful for the provision of tile, for Chris laying it & for patience with the project & my patience with all the M*E*S*S! It's going to be so much easier to keep clean than carpet under the dining room table!!! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Straight Paths

A few late night thoughts and a picture of our beautiful (2nd youngest) child. Proof that God can use all things (even sleeplessness) for my good!!

How can we teach our children to walk the "straight path" when we feel like we are running in circles ourselves?

Proverbs 3:5-6 Offers a few tips:
1Trust in the Lord with all your heart
2Don't depend on your own understanding
3In all your ways acknowledge him
4He will make your path straight!

Am I spending time in the Word and with my Creator? Am I praying, petitioning even, and thanking God then walking in His peace like Phil 4:6-7 says?

Am I depending on my own understanding? Making my lists & filling my days without direction from Him? (ouch- this is painful!)

Lord, I'm grateful for Your timing, Your faithfulness, Your care. Thank you for showing me TRUTH and for straightening my path. Please help me to love You & Your Word so much that I'll make You a priority no matter how busy life seems. Teach me to meditate on your Word and enjoy your presence... Amen!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Proof I love my children...

I LOVE all things food. I love to cook, to grocery shop at gourmet stores and gaze at the delicious offerings, and most of all I love to eat!

That is why it is particularly difficult for me to have a pantry that looks like THIS!

It's been like this since Christmas. I had it all neat before Christmas but it's been steadily declining since then. >sigh< I almost organized it today but realized I should really fold the laundry and clear it from the couch instead of creating another mess all over the breakfast table. :)

I desire my children to know how to cook, clean behind themselves- in other words, contribute to family life. And that's why my pantry looks like a tornado hit! It's more important to allow them to contribute than for everything to be perfect. And it's more important to snuggle as they wake up from naps than for me to be organizing the pantry.

So welcome to the chaotic side of GraceFull Mom! That basket will contain the tupperware it's intended to... and others will neatly corral napkins once again. I'll be able to step into my walk-in pantry as will my quite capable kitchen helpers who will then be able to reach the shelves to return things where they belong. :) Until then, I *try* to remind myself- this season of preparation is about the hearts of my littles, not the state of my beloved pantry.

p.s. I went to take a picture of my mess and found Ben cleaning out my pantry for me! Talk about providential timing! :)