Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tile Time!

Yay for handy and willing hubbies!! Chris started tiling our foyer & dining room this weekend. Eventually, we'll tile the whole foyer, dining room & kitchen.

Marianne, our tile consultant/sales gal/friend steered us toward porcelain for it's durability- and I'm already grateful! Andrew was "helping" this morning & hammered the just-installed tile... and it didn't even chip!

Andrew seems determined to help Daddy grow in grace during this project. Yesterday, he ran straight onto the wet tile (bad, bad, bad!). Chris just picked him up and brought him to me, told Andrew not to walk on the freshly laid tile, and went to work fixing the now crooked tile. Now, if *that* isn't the Lord helping Daddy O to be patient, self-controlled and loving, I don't know what is!

So I'm thankful for the provision of tile, for Chris laying it & for patience with the project & my patience with all the M*E*S*S! It's going to be so much easier to keep clean than carpet under the dining room table!!! :)


  1. yay! tile under the dining room floor is ever so much better and I know you'll love it! it's so neat to see a project like that get done. just remind yourself, that the mess is for a season ~ when a big project like that is being worked on, everything is in disarray. =( at least around here it is...

    hope you're having a blessed day!

  2. Good good stuff, Allie!

    Love you!



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