Monday, April 25, 2011

A Happy {sick} Day

What makes a sick day a happy {sick} day?

1~ No more fever for Mamma. 98.4 baby, yeah!

2~ My new, funky, fun Birthday Turtle. My sis got it for me and it makes me smile.

3~ Gorgeous weather. Breezy enough to enjoy being outside under the shade of the crepe myrtle, beside my funky turtle.

4~ A snuggly, warm baby who wants to nurse and snuggle a lot but is well enough to still play and be happy!

5~ A baby book (thanks, Jadi & Aunt Terrie!) for Clara and time to make it perfect.

6~ A hubby who cares for me (us) so well, makes yummy food, keeps the house running so I can rest.

7~ Time to read magazines Mamma gave me months ago and learn about gardening in the state I love.

8~ A nice phone chat with that same, sweet Mamma.

9~ Friends who pick up my sick-slack without a thought.

10~ The ding-dong of my doorbell and the blessing of a happy neighbor delivering freshly picked strawberries with a gorgeous smile.

Today was a happy {sick} day!!

I'm so grateful for the Lord's kindness in these ways and so many more...

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