Tuesday, March 1, 2011

of Sunflower Houses and housekeeping

The weather is beautiful and I'd rather be pittering in the yard than keeping house inside. So I've decided to accomplish both by planting a Sunflower House!

We have a corner of the yard that has no grass growing and I think instead of sodding it this weekend, we just may create a perfect playspace for the kiddos. We'll sow sunflower seeds for the four walls, leave a doorway open and allow morning glories to climb to fill in the magical little hut. (See my amazing sunflowers I made in Paint?)

Here's a helpful link if you want to try one, too.

I don't have hubby approval yet (he was going to lay sod this Saturday) so we'll have to wait to see for sure but I think it could be a fun spring project! Any other sunflower house builders out there?


  1. you are too cute. I love your sunflowers. :) and your project sounds fantastic!

  2. sounds like a splendid idea, i'd love to come visit :) sunflowers are my favorite :D


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