Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Things... baby gifts!

I believe the Bible when it says, "Children are a blessing from the Lord." So I love babies & consequently go to a lot of baby showers. Sometimes an adorable outfit or perfectly soft baby blanket is just the gift... but other times I want something a bit different. Something useful and, well, something I would want to receive!

Since I hate "dust collectors", you won't find me buying statues or even many picture frames... I go for practical. Here are my Top 5 favorite baby gifts to give... or receive!

1) Teething Feeder
It's a funny name, but they are great! You put some food inside and baby can enjoy the yummy real food without choking. Sassy makes one with a cover for portability and at just under $5, they're affordable.

2) A perfectly soft, beautifully special Blankie
Soft ones that are silky on one side are favorites at our house. Comfy cotton blankets are snuggly, too. Ben's was turquoise with deer on it, Clara's has a monkey head and is super-soft, the other kiddos had the soft/silky combination ones. Georgia Anne still snuggles her "Bahee" every nap & bedtime. It's nice to have a special snuggle buddy that doesn't wiggle or kick!
3) Great board books or picture books
I like gifts that baby can grow in to. Maybe I'll do a post on good picture books sometime- I purchased Ben's first good book at a homeschool convention 10 years ago and haven't stopped buying them since!

4) Larger size baby clothes
My babies never fit in the newborn size for more than a week or two (if at all). The 0-3 month ones quickly follow suit. Larger sizes are always appreciated!

5) Kiddopotamus Bib
I love this bib! It's wipeable & has a scoop to catch spills. The only drawback is that it snags longer hair, but since most children don't get long hair for a long time, I think it's a safe bet. Love this!

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