Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Planning Mondays

This week is an extra special week... My niece, Lilly Anne, was born today!! Some of the meals I have planned are to double so I can bring some food to my sweet sister and her family to lighten their load as we celebrate this little one's birth.

Here's what's on the agenda:

M- Veggie Crumble vegan
T- Mushroom & Walnut Stuffed Shells vegan (yes, these are the same stuffed shells from two weeks ago, I never made them. I used the mushrooms in a delish soup Mrs Suzanne gave me the recipe for. So I bought more shrooms & we're trying again)
W- I'm going to Mom's to await a birth! Chris is on his own.
R- CROCK- Burritos vegan (Well, not entirely vegan... Chris loves sour cream, so we'll add that)
F- Broccoli Soup vegan (Yep- without cream or cheese!)
S- Baked Potatoes
S- Bertolli Soup vegan

This is funny! I didn't realize how many meals we have are dairy-free. Well, there ya have it. This week's menu. Nutritious and delicious. ;)


  1. Girl you rock! After 2 weeks of non-stop cooking (probably a first for me hehe) I have used up all my vegan recipes. Tonight we had Guacamole and veggies to dip. How sad is that? Can you send me some of your recipes? When you have a chance? and just fyi: we discovered that greek yogurt tastes just like sour cream but is better for you.

  2. Y'all pick a couple & I'll type them in. :) Which do you want most?

  3. Stuffed shells and what is veggie crumble?


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