Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Planning Mondays

Week two of Meal Planning Mondays. Here is last week's menu. I may not write that we're having salad every day, but we do. Sometimes I make it fancy, others it's just mixed greens, dressing and a few nuts. I like to make homemade dressing and it's quite easy with my Williams Sonoma salad dressing bottle with recipes printed on it. Chris gave me that and a salad spinner one Mother's Day and it has gotten SO much use! I {love} it! Here's a similar one, but I just shake mine- no gadget to stir.

M- Winter Veggie Stew (Roasted Rutabagas + Parsnips + Onions + Carrots + Potatoes = warm & yummy goodness!)
T- Ben & Timothy's Birthday! This year, Timothy requested pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Since we have Apolojax, it'll be quick PB&Js for lunch, and Ben wants BBQ Beef Ribs on the smoker for dinner. We'll serve those with smoked new potatoes & {ahem} salad.
W- Red Pepper & Pignolia Sauce over quinoa
R- Linguine (I forgot which sauce I'm making. Sorry!)
F- Pizza
S- Creamy Lentil Soup
S- Stuffed Shells

Last week, Mauricio took me up on the offer to pick a night & pop in. Who will it be this week? Give us a call & come on over!


  1. Yummm! Do you have recipes for Monday and Wednesday? Not even sure what that thing on Wednesday is but unless it's meat, I want it :)

  2. so you're really serious, are you? :) I want some of them stuff shells. :D

  3. oh and yeah. this isn't a big deal but you do have me linked up wrong in the sidebar. you have my old blog on there that I haven't posted at in 5 weeks. ;)


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