Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Gospel Song

Our homeschool group hopes to sing this song in a couple of months. Since we're a wide range of ages, it may sound about like this... and that would be a perfect way to put a smile on some folks' faces at the Nursing Home. :)

Any suggestions for another song to sing?

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  1. love little children singing! that'll be so sweet!

    Hmm. Personally, I really love the song "A Love That Won't Stop." Here is one recording of it:

    I love the words:

    I was in the valley
    I was sinking low
    I had slipped and fallen
    I had missed the goal
    Condemnation threatened
    I cried out from fear
    Mercy said 'Forgiven!
    Come and fly up here!'

    I love the Lord
    He heard my cry
    He lifted me way up high
    And set my feet upon the mountaintop
    Just think of it
    The Lord and King
    The Creator of everything
    Loves me with a love that won't stop

    If you bear the burden
    Of a sin-scarred life
    Past mistakes and failures
    Haunt you in the night
    You can be forgiven
    For God's Word is true
    On the wings of eagles
    You can sing it to:

    Chorus x2

    He loves me with a love that won't stop

    ...Hope it blesses you even if you don't decide to sing it! =)


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