Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Plenty of Time

School starts in 5 minutes. The Christmas decorations are all over the dining room- where we do school. The laundry room (completely clean Saturday/Sunday) is again home to overflowing baskets & piles of clean laundry on the counter. But it's okay... I've got plenty of time!

I am not escaping into the computer (this time). I'm talking to myself instead of listening to myself. (I'm more convincing in print.) I have enough time each day to accomplish the things the Lord is calling me to. Methinks I should do a study on this topic; it's a constant struggle here on school days!

The truth is- the homeschooling mom often doesn't have the luxury to focus on one task at a time.So I'm hoping the Lord will help me keep my priorities right today. That I can lay all the other "need to's" aside when my littles come up to me for help with a baby doll's dress, tying a shoe, or the same math problem for the third time. I want the children to see that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have Plenty of Time for them.

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  1. Go, Allie! =) You can do it!

    You're the one who always reminds me that there is enough time in the day for all the things that God wants us to accomplish. You're such an encourager!

    Praying that your hands will be strengthened as you do this beautiful work.

    Love you!


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