Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bird Watching

I'm working on February's article for The Creekline and wanted to reference a cute little brown bird I saw playing in my birdbath yesterday. Birds never play in my birdbath! Maybe it's the junk that's always corralled there... But these teeny, tenacious flitterers were playing in the water, around the tacklebox and in spite of the ice floating in it from the previous night's 30 degree low!!

I'm like a proud parent! So I googled "small brown bird Florida". I'm sure I can ID it from a picture. I mean, how many little brown birds can there be?

Google's results were so funny I had to share with you!!

A HAWK?! That's small?! They eat little brown birds for dinner!!

No, Google, I don't think a hawk is the cute little brown birdie I was looking for. What else can you offer?

Seriously?! A PELICAN!?! The first word I typed in was small. I don't think pelicans are small by any definition. Maybe compared to a pteradactyl. Or an ostrich. But that's not the point. Well, I think I saw a sparrow or a thrush or something of the sort... I can't tell you for sure because, well, you know. I guess I need to find a good bird ID website- homeschool research project for Ben, maybe?!

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  1. oh goodness, that's funny! I guess you just needed a good laugh that day. ;) Hope you were able to find out what you needed to. :)


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