Sunday, June 1, 2008


I think it's a bit crazy when I get excited about finding gas at $3.91. That's painful when filling up the truck!

"Back when I was a kid..." (read that in a crackly old voice!) it used to be only $ .79!! And I could buy gum for $ .01!! Johnston's Feed Store had a penny gum machine that dispensed a handfull of gum squares. Green and red were my favorite. Pink tasted like Pepto Bismol. Blech. Oh, and they had the best sausage... but I digress. :) I just had to share the joy of my gas price!!


  1. HOW old are you?? Sounds pretty anxient...

    Uh well...I'm pretty positive that I remember gas under $1, which is pretty amazing... So maybe I'm giving away my age here.

    Glad you found a good deal...or rather, a better deal. :) Don't know if it can be called "good."

  2. uh, that was supposed to be "ancient" - maybe I'm getting ancient because I can't even spell correctly!

    have a good day.

  3. I'm not THAT old- 28. :) It was a rural small town, maybe that helped the prices?! And the gum machine was probably leftover- we loved going to Johnston's Feed Store b/c of that silly gum machine! No where else was it only a penny!!

  4. ha! didn't mean to sound rude, it was just a funny 'aha' moment and I just had to ask. :) (of course I had no idea that you'd really answer)

    No worries - I'll be the humongous 21 this year - 20 was pretty scary...and now 21. Oh my!! I'm right behind you girl...well, a few years behind, but still following in your steps. :)

    Penny gum...well, anyways...can almost get close to that if you shop CVS and use the gum as a filler. :) I absolutely love shopping at CVS, using coupons and getting extra bucks!! So yep, I come home with lots of stuff for pennies at times. (that's a story for another time :)

    Ruth Ann

  5. Maybe you could start riding your bicycle to the store. That would be a good way to save gas :) I found myself getting exciting that gas was coming back down. It was $3.90 at the corner today :(


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