Saturday, November 20, 2010


This pumpkin has quite a story. Chris and I married young and started out with nothing, nada, zilch. Family and a few friends blessed us with what we needed and over the years, the Lord has provided all we needed... abundantly more than that, even!

Mom waved her magic wand to help me decorate with little and over the years that has come along as well... Enter the pumpkin. For a few years now, Mom has bought us a decoration for the house each fall. I love fall and it is so fun to look around at the gems that have been added to our home- what memories each holds!

"The Pumpkin" was one of the first fall decorations I had and I cherished it! Not only is it beautiful, but the sentiment behind it is so close to my heart. I displayed it with pride (mostly the good kind) for all our friends and neighbors to see. Now people would know we don't just decorate for Thanksgiving, we are reminding ourselves of God's goodness!!

Only a few days into ownership, a sweet little Olsen decided to explore the pumpkin... and knocked it over... and busted it into lots of pieces. I was crushed! I cried, I sobbed, I couldn't believe that of everything in the house, they had to break this one special decoration! I finally got something nice and... and... Now how would visitors know we loved the Lord?

WHOA!! Then I heard myself! (God is so patient with me!) He reminded me that my sweet children are *way* more important and precious than this silly (well, gorgeously silly- but silly nonetheless) decoration! Would I crush their spirit over this broken globe? And about the visitors... really, Allie? If I need a pumpkin with "We Give Thanks to God" blazed across the front for people to figure out we live in awe of and in love with God, well, then I'm really not following Him too well, now am I?!

Chris took all those many pieces and lovingly repaired my crushed pumpkin. The Lord took all the pieces of my stony, sinful heart and renewed a right spirit in me.

Thanksliving... this month is reminding me to live a life of thanks to Abba God(loving & patient Daddy who also corrects me for my bad attitude) . With the help of a glued-together pumpkin.


  1. I love the story, Allie. What encouragement to me today! I love you and thank you for your attitude, and am quite sure that the pumpkin is even more special to you now. What a lesson to learn.

  2. Thanks that was a nice one :)

  3. I loved this one!

  4. Allie what a blessing to know you, Thank you for sharing.
    -Kelley S


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