Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Can I Give?

You can give a friendly Greeting!

There are many ways to share your life with friends and family far and near. A perinneal favorite (made better when accompanied by food or photos) is the Christmas Card!!

Now, over the years I've observed three camps of Christmas-card-writers. There is the "traditional card signer". Your Aunt Isabel picks out a lovely card in a foil-lined envelope, signs her name (and the chihuahua's, too) and considers her duty fulfilled for another year. Lovely on the wall, these are somewhat lacking in the "personal touch" department.

The second camp would be the "letter writers" camp. Your cousin, who homeschools her twelve children out on their organic farm, writes a brief four-page update of their life over the past year (pausing mid-letter to put the bread in the oven and give her 14 year old a calculus test). It is accompanied by a bookmark hand-embroidered by six-year-old Grace. Lovely. Truly... lovely.

You know the third group- the "family photo" in an envelope. You love seeing the fam but wish there was at least a "Merry Christmas- Love you!" handwritten on there somewhere!

This year, Shutterfly is offering a family photo greeting card- making your Christmas Card duties easier than ever. You pick the photo (or photos) to share and have room inside for a handwritten note. It has the personal feel of a letter but brings none of the guilt to your readers... ;)

I'm trying to decide between the card at the top of the page and a quicker (but still striking) flat stationary card like this.

I've given Shutterfly photo books as gifts in the past and been very pleased with them. And I thought of doing a mug for my coffee-loving Dad. They cover it all! But I'm for sure going to be mailing a sweet photo card because they're offering a great promotion for bloggers to earn free cards!

Look for your Olsen family card in the mail this year... and I hope my letter never made you roll your eyes and want to burn it. My goal is to share some laughs and show Christ's sufficiency in every event in our lives! I'm glad I could find a photo card to hopefully accomplish the same purpose. Here's to one more way to say Merry Christmas!

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  1. good idea - I've been thinking along the same lines myself


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