Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Can I Give?

I've been asked, "What do your children make for Christmas Presents?" This month, I'll attempt to share. I'm not a crafty person, so please don't stone me for the really simple (or simply ugly) ones!

As today is the first day, I'll post the most time consuming so you have plenty of time. Drum Roll, please! (dum da da dum dum dummmm...)

It's a Reindeer Ornament!!!
* Cut three pieces of seven count plastic canvas about 1 5/8" or 10 holes square.
* Take two squares and slip stitch two sides together.
* Hold the two stitched pieces together and open the unstitched sides. Stitch the third square on one side of the unstitched plastic.
* Continue to corner and down other side, you now have a pyramid effect.
* Now the "reindeer" can be squeezed and the unstitched side will open like a mouth!!
* The one my sunday school teacher gave me as a child had a tag that read, "Squeeze my cheeks and I'll give you a kiss." Or you could put, "Give me a squeeze and I'll give you a kiss." I've opted not to do tags at all. ;)
* Hershey kisses are used for the kiss. Attach a piece of yarn to the back to hang as an ornament.

This is a great "keeper". You can make one for each kiddo. They can make them for grandparents or teachers or friends. Sometimes, I'll move it to a new branch every time I put a new Hershey Kiss in so it's like a treasure hunt in our tree. Have fun with it!

* The photo on this is not one I made, it is from the net. I can't find the link for attribution (it's from last year).

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