Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping Garden-Fresh Herbs Fresh

My herb garden is my favorite... but with the heat of summer setting in, I know my precious herbs' days are numbered! Many have already bolted, others I'm constantly clipping to keep them from going to seed.

I love to watch the butterflies visit when they flower, but I'm into gardening to eat fresh and save money, sorry butterflies. Maybe we can compromise... I'm trying something new (thanks to a friend on facebook!) to hopefully accomplish both!

Resa said to clip my basil & store it in a vase to have fresh basil available at my fingertips. She listed a second benefit- the basil will start to root and I can plant another plant!

I'm trying it out. (See my picture? Chris brought me some sweet mini-roses!) I'm wondering... will it work for parsley as well?

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  1. Roses of all sizes are a great addition to the kitchen decor.


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