Friday, June 24, 2011

Reinventing the Wheel

Our evaluations & tests are complete for the 2010-2011 school year. It was a successful homeschool year according to the principal (Daddy O) and according to the state.

I'm starting to think about next year and I've realized when addressing challenges, I may need to do more than apply a band-aid.

"Once we've decided to go somewhere, it's too late to ask the question: 'Should we really go there?' Too often we are too busy trying to keep the car running, the spare tire patched and the clothes washed to ask the question: 'Should we really be taking this trip in the first place?" -Joel Salatin, Salad Bar Beef

What does my school day need to look like? What subjects do I need to cover? Do they have to be "taught" as "subjects"? To borrow from Mr. Salatin, perhaps I shouldn't "be taking that trip in the first place."

Perhaps learning should be integrated into lifestyle instead of making room for compartmentalized, school-style education in our life. I'm gonna ask my Abba for some direction before I start planning this year. I'm looking forward to seeing where 2011-2012 school year takes us!


  1. Very encouraging! I think Charles has opted more for the last paragraph for school but I'm still trying to figure and plan everything out. Thankful that the LORD gently leads us who have young ones. :)

  2. I've noticed you all working school into life rather than life into school, and I admire that. I like the creative ways that your children get to learn. It's always better that way especially at this age. As long as structure is put in to place by highschool, you're golden ;) We really benefited from co-op in that manner. It really prepared Jared and I for Dual Enrollment.

    Love you and your family!


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