Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make time for FUN!

I am so serious.

I love to smile and laugh, but my default mode is "get it done and move on to the next thing". I guess that sinful focus on to-do's instead of relationships is affectionately referred to as task-oriented.

Since I'm wired that way, I have to be really intentional about having fun with my children. I could definitely spend the whole day accomplishing tasks and miss out on the privilege I have as a homeschooling mamma to develop relationships with my littles... to truly get to know them.

Enter the glasses.

I bought them in the $1 bin and we took them to the zoo. Everyone took turns wearing them because, well we don't already get enough looks as a family of 8. {hahaha}

It was fun! We laughed and posed and made some silly memories... and didn't see every exhibit. {pat pat pat on the back!} Now I'm brainstorming my next way to lighten up... how do you make time for fun?

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