Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What, the hail?!

Today, we had flies, gnats AND dead animals! We had to combine some days since I didn't start on time. :) Aren't you glad the Lord doesn't slam us like that?! Whew! He never gives more than we can handle but always provides a way of escape. Thank you, Lord!

Tomorrow, the weather looks gorgeous... sunny skies with a 100% chance of hail!! I'm trying to decide whether to actually let the children throw ice at each other or what. I mean, just laying ice all over the windowsills is not enough... but hurling ice at one another could go from fun to overboard veeeery quickly. Maybe we'll go to The Loop for some crushed ice!

How else could we "do" this plague? We could eat all our meals cold... nah! Ideas welcome!


  1. Oh yes, I forgot to update! LOL We did, in fact, have a hail fight! I used the "crushed ice" button on our freezer and we made a "below the neck only" rule and went at it! LOL


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