Monday, April 6, 2009

Ribbitt... ribbitt...

"But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will plague all your country with frogs." Exodus 8:2

The water-to-blood plague went well today, except that all day long, Timbo would ask if he could drink some blood, which sounds quite disturbing to outside observers. LOL

Tomorrow, the forecast calls for FROGS... and lots of them. Now, one frog can be cute. Two calls for a frog-race. En masse they are admittedly icky, but cockroaches would be too! So why did Yahweh choose frogs? Check this out:

These critters were associated with the annual inundation of the Nile. So they were associated with fruitfulness, blessedness, with a good harvest and were naturally deified. Their "frog goddess" was goddess of both fertility and resurrection. I want you to remember those two because God really sticks it to this goddess; He really puts her down. Fertility, resurrection. You could not, by the way, kill a frog. They were sacred. In fact, if you intentionally killed a frog, you were put to death. In some cases, if you unintentionally killed a frog, you were put to death. Remember that law in light of what is going to happen here, and you will understand the problem they were facing. They could not kill one single frog. (Peninsula Bible Church)

So God (as in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, not the false god Egyptians called Pharoah) made the very frogs that Egyptians considered worthy of worship into something detestable to them! He alone deserves our worship.


  1. What inquiring minds really want to know is whether the kids woke up to find frogs all over the house....

    Makes me shudder. My sister threw a tree frog at me when we were teenagers and it stuck to my forehead...I've been traumatized ever since. I would not have made it in Egypt during this plague.

  2. Yep- they awoke to frogs all over... construction paper ones and little plastic ones. :) They liked moving them all over the house throughout the day.


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