Friday, April 10, 2009

Locust for my Birthday

Today is my birthday. Yippee! The locust swarms should make today memorable! LOL We went to a Jacksonville Suns baseball game last night, so I didn't have a chance to make the locusts. Soooo... I think it'll be a family project and then we'll let them "swarm" (eeewww)- hopefully they won't eat my Birthday Cake!

Umm... do I *get* a birthday cake if I don't make it?

(p.s. No Birthday Cake, but I did get some incredible Dark Chocolate dipped strawberries & apples and the locusts couldn't find them b/c I kept them hidden in their box in the fridge. I managed to eat almost all of them all by myself... Andrew swiped a bite of apple, but I forgive him. *grin*)


  1. It's a good thing you don't care for cake too much. ;) Besides a locust might fall in the batter and make it kind of crunchy. :P

  2. lol...I hope you had a happy birthday regardless of the locusts! And if you don't like cake, hope you at least had a dessert you like. =-)

    Happy Birthday to you - I've always thought April is a beautiful month...maybe one day Lord willing I'll have a child in April! *grin*

    And I guess I won't ask how old you turned... *giggles*

    Love ya', I enjoy your humor. :)

  3. so didn't have to say how old you were turning. Wait a've been married for over 10 years. Means you had to have gotten married at age 19 - wow. =-) I always thought that age was "old-er" but not anymore since I'm long past

    [long past = 2 1/2 years...hahaha]


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