Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Clara is asleep on my chest. Every part of her little 9 day old person is relaxed as she rests in completely contented sleep. Her 5 brothers and sisters talk, play, call, laugh, kiss her, and even cry all around us... and yet Clara's blissful breathing remains unchanged.

I find myself constantly doing, constantly striving. I bustle around the house picking up, washing, coaching the children. I say "coaching" instead of "teaching" because often I'm more concerned with the performance of my "team" than with their hearts. Well, that's what my actions show, anyways.

Oh, for the childlike trust, rest, contentment that my little ones show! Lord, help me to learn from them and not to "coach" their hearts out of trusting and resting. You carry me, strengthen me, and help me. (Isaiah 41:10) You gently lead me as I parent! (Isaiah 40:11) Help me to rest in you. Teach me to "be still and know [you are] God." -Psalm 46:10

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