Monday, July 19, 2010

From Generation to Generation...

Clara is two weeks old today. We'll have our "Welcome Clara Allison" party tonight... we've had fun doing that with each of the kiddos. We'll record the children's height on their growth chart, play some games (the Penguin Race is a staple), eat a sweet treat and dote on the new baby. I love making family memories!

Speaking of memories... this picture is of Clara's first Sunday heading to church. I dressed her in an outfit I wore when I was a baby!! I'm *so* not a packrat, so it's impressive that I not only still have it (thanks, Mom!) but that I remembered to put it on her while if fits!

I'm more concerned with passing on our godly heritage than passing on cute clothes- and we try to accomplish that in many ways. Some fun (welcoming babies with a family party!) and some more challenging (consisitently doing family devotions).

What special memories do you have & what do you strive to pass on to your own children? How?

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  1. Allie, I love this! what a sweet photo of you & Clara too!

    I love it when you say: "I'm more concerned with passing on our godly heritage than passing on cute clothes" - what a great perspective! It reminds me of this song that I had playing earlier, and it says: "The vision of a mother's heart is to see them all walking with God every day that they live." -Abigail Miller

    I don't think there is one dress around here that I wore when I was little. Sometimes that has made me sad, because I think it is so neat to be able to pass things down generations like that. However, I know that isn't the most important thing [not nearly!] so I'm thankful for my Godly heritage! Thanks for redirecting my focus today, and greatly encouraging me!

    Love you lots!


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