Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Gingerbread" Houses

Most of you know my history with Gingerbread... it's shaky, at best. So this year, we're going to make Graham Cracker Houses instead. :)

Now, don't get your hopes up... even if we use graham crackers, the houses won't look like the one in the picture. :) But the kiddos will have a great time, cleanup will be a breeze, and we can all split the cost by bringing a contribution!

I'm going to assemble the houses the day before so they'll dry and the kiddos can decorate w/abandon. You RSVP # of children and pick what candy you'll bring from the below list (or be creative!) by leaving a comment here.

Losco Park, Friday Dec 18, 10:00. Bring a sack lunch, too. Merry Christmas!

**Candy Needs**
mini Candy Canes
2 containers white frosting
Mini Red Hots
Chocolate Nonpariels (those chocolates w/little white candy dots on top)
Twizzlers (gross tasting, but they look cute!)
box of snack size ziploc bags
roll of paper towels, baby wipes, 1 grown up pair scissors, and a whole bunch of Publix bags to take the houses home in w/o gooing up the car


  1. hehe. your comment about the twizzlers crackers me up. I'm sure y'all will have a great time making those houses - make sure you take photos!

  2. I can bring the TWIZZLERS (have a bunch leftover from making Kellen's birthday cake) and the snack-sized ziploc bags. (I can bring more, too, if needed - just wanted to give others a chance :)


  3. Okay, since everyone is RSVPing to me, I'm posting what is taken. :)
    Alissa is bringing twizzlers & zippie bags
    Allyson is bringing M&Ms
    Sarah R is bringing mini candy canes
    and I'm bringing the gingerbread houses.

    That leaves:
    Peppermints, gumdrops, frosting, baby wipes, choc nonapriels, mini redhots


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