Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!

My intention was to upload a fun Thanksgiving Idea each day... but we've been so busy having a good time that I didn't get around to it. :)

Since it's a little late to share all of the fun crafts we did, I'll suggest some Thanksgiving Day Games you can play with the fam or to keep little ones from underfoot while the ladies are in the kitchen!

This year, I am bringing some things for the kiddos to play alone and others to do all together:
1) Draw with Sidewalk Chalk (Mayflower contest, anyone?)
2) Turkey Toss (Beanbag into a gobblin' turkey!)
3) Pilgrim Relay (Boys vs. Girls- grownups included!)
4) Bubbles! (No explanation necessary)
5) Indian Corn Hunt (like looking for a needle in a haystack...)

And another idea I had but didn't get to... pick up paint swatches and have the kiddos find something in nature to match the different hues. I thought it could be an adventure to look for bright red, oranges, pinks, grays, etc. Oh, and you could always collect fall leaves and make a collage or leaf rubbing.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Time with family is precious and this is a way to get the oldest laughing with your little ones!

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