Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independance Day 2009!!

I'm leaning back in Chris' comfy recliner thinking over our full weekend. So many sweet memories! So many little kindnesses... I pray my appreciation for "the little things" will never become dulled.

Friday, July 3, we enjoyed time at the beach with Granny & Papa; they brought breakfast and the Lord provided perfect waves and a cooling breeze. Later in the day, we sent the guys to the store for cheese & tomatoes and instead they brought home a delicious spread from Whole Foods- all to keep Mom & me out of the kitchen. What amazing guys! And it was delish!

Saturday morning, July 4, Mema & Pa came up and helped the children put some finishing touches on our float for our neighborhood's 4th of July parade. After the parade, Andrew and Timbo checked out a firetruck and we all enjoyed Jenk's pizza up at the Am center.

My favorite story from the weekend: I was out of paper towels. We don't use them all the time but they are definitely missed when we don't have any!! Well, Saturday afternoon Charlie went to the store and surprised me with a HUGE pack of paper towels! The good ones!! An hour later, my Dad came in with... a HUGE pack of paper towels! Select-a-Size! I can't tell you how special I felt that these two Dads in my life heard me mention I was out and then went to the store just to bless me. I feel so spoiled!! Thanks, Dad & Pa!
We celebrated our country's freedom July 4 with friends (old & new) and LOTS of fireworks! Good food was plentiful (another blessing! Cookies, Cheesecake, Pasta Salad, Artichoke & Tom Salad, Drinks... all came in just as needed!) and no one was permanently hurt through the games, fireworks or fireants. :)

I always want to live with an awareness of the Lord's work in my life. Weather, sunsets, friends, laughter... He is good to all and His mercies are over all He has made!!

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