Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Courtship is like buying a boat...

Today, Chris was talking about boats and the boys were right in there with him. (Nothing new there, I know!) It is so precious to me how they adore their dad through mimicing his every hobby. Fishing? They're ready with their poles. Hunting? Sure Daddy, they can sit quietly for hours in the woods! (NOT!)

Anyways, today Chris told us he's going to buy a small boat he can keep here and go out on more easily. I was surprised (read: "You're going to buy another boat?") but not really. The conversation that followed was so cute I had to document:

"It's kind of like courtship, Mom" Ben quipped.

Me, incredulously, "What are you talking about, Ben?"

"You know, first you think about it... then you talk about it with your family... then you start looking seriously and you buy that boat!"

Well, now that we have that settled... LOL I don't know why I was worried about how we'll walk through that season of life! Sounds like we've got it down pat! (Let's all just pray that he doesn't tell his beloved one day that it's just like buying a boat!)


  1. Hahahaha! Maybe when Ben starts talking to you guys about someone he's interested in (and is in a season of life when he is ready to pursue)you could make sure the young lady has read ALL the "Ben" posts on your blog...that way she will understand if he tells her "it's like buying a boat..."

    If it makes you feel any better, prior to courtship (and over our 6 years of friendship) David called me a hobbit and a pack mule...and I STILL joyfully married him!

    Okay, so I cried over the hobbit thing, right there in front of him and a few other people...but by the time he called me a pack mule I understood him - and was more secure in who I am in Christ - and was able to take it in stride and actually laugh.

    Who knows! Ben's loving, endearing knickname for his wife one day may be something to do with a boat! =D

    (Thankfully David's pet name for me is Schmookums and not Frodo!)

  2. oh my! That is an interesting way to put it, but it sounds like he's got the main points down pat. I don't think I'd ever have come up with such an idea, it'd have to be a guy to come up with a boat analogy. :)


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