Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Yesterday, Lauren surprised me with the following interchange:

"Mom, look! Georgia is like a cheerleader!"

"How's that, Lauren?" I replied, not knowing whether to be happy or worried that my 2 month old looks like a cheerleader.

"She doesn't have a shirt on!" giggled Lauren.

I queried, "Cheerleaders don't wear shirts?"

"I saw some that were almost naked at the Jaguars game." And with that explanation, which was sufficient in Lauren's mind, she walked away.

So I guess I should be worried that Georgia Anne looked like a cheerleader! And I pray modesty is always that cut and dry to Lauren- either you're respectfully clothed or not... and what the Jags cheerleaders wear, in my 6 year old's mind, is "not". And I'm ok with that.

Goooo (buy clothing for your cheerleaders) JAGS!


  1. Cut and dry...just the way I like it! That's my girl! =D

  2. Give me a L
    Give me a A
    Give me a U
    Give me a R
    Give me a E
    Give me a R
    Give me a E
    Give me a N

    (Hands upward in cheeleader postion) What does that spell?

    Wonderful Little Lauren!

    Happy Thaksgiving to you all!


  3. That's so great. :) My children say it all the time and I can just see them saying that too...although we watched a clean version of Cinderella Man (based on the true story of Jim Braddock)recently. So as Charis undresses at night and is in only her undies she starts bouncing around with her fists going, "I'm a boxer!" In her mind that is all he's wearing in the movie but it is a hoot to see a 3 year old pigeon-toed blond curly head bouncing around saying, "I'm a boxer!" If it wasn't so inappropriate I would try and get it on film. ;)


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