Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cloth Diapering

So I've stirred up the hornet's nest in regards to cloth diapers. :) I'll try to post a quick summary of how & why on cloth diapering- you can always research them in more detail. OR come over for a hands-on experience! It's so easy- or I wouldn't be adding this to my life with 5 children!

Who: We bought the bulk of our current supply when pregnant with Lauren. We bought used and have since used them for Lauren, Timbo, Andrew and now Georgia. I also shared them with a friend between kids. That's a lot of use! (read: they're durable!)

What: Over the years, we've used many different kinds. Now, we're mainly using prefolds (aka Chinese Prefolds) which we fasten with a Snappi, not pins, ($2.50 each, OR MotherEase OneSize and Sandies ( OR FuzziBunz (

When & Where: You can use cloth anywhere! When you go out, just put the wet ones in a waterproof bag (like this one: & keep on rollin! Or you can use 'sposies when you're out if your baby's hiney is ok with that.

Why: They're cheaper- thousands of dollars cheaper, in fact! We figure we've saved between $7,000 & $9,000 by using cloth on Lauren, Timothy, Andrew & Georgia (and potty training early). They're healthier for baby's tender skin. I won't go into a lecture, but if you Google cloth diapers, you'll get more than an eyefull on that subject. They're "greener"- I am not a tree hugger, but I do believe in stewardship. Cloth reduces waste.

HOW: This is what everyone wants to know! Ok- wet ones go straight into a diaper pail. You can use a small trash can without a lid until your baby starts to eat solids (around 6-8 months). Breastfed baby poop doesn't smell that bad till you add food to the mix. :) We're currently using a trashcan w/a lid that flips up when you step on the pedal b/c we cloth diaper Andrew as well. Newborn dirty dipes can go straight into the pail until baby has solid poop. At that point, you just shake the solids into the potty & (you guessed it!) toss the diaper into the pail. Did you know you're supposed to do the same with disposable diapers (flush solids)? Read the pkg!

When the diaper pail is full, you simply dump it into your washer (not quite as easy w/a front loader... But ah-well, such is life!) and then do a soak & rinse cycle, hot wash cycle, and then a 2nd rinse (w/vinegar if they start to smell- depends on your water). You can fold them and stack in a pretty diaper stacker or you can toss them into a neat little basket and just use them from the basket w/o ever folding, depending on your personal neatness preference. I fold. :)

Sound too simple? I know! It really is easy-that's why we do it! Minimal hands-on time and lots of $ saved. It's a win-win situation!


  1. Emily followed me into the bathroom Friday while she was here helping prepare for the shower to watch me firsthand dunk the diaper before tossing it in the pail so she could see how it's done...she was like "wow, that's all there is to it? It is easy!" All I could say was yep and yep. :)

  2. Allie,

    I am so glad you wrote about this for all the mommies with little ones. I have one suggestion.... if anyone takes you up on your offer to come over and watch Andrew might need to come over to my house- he might scare them away!! He had gas last night (at the recital) and I am afraid he might change a new mom's mind or get blamed for global warming!!

    Love ya and all your frugalness!!


  3. Haha...Thanks for answering all my questions, Allie =) These are good things to know for the future. I just have to find Mr. Right first (or I should say, he has to find me :-p) and then I'll start to think about what kind of diapers i'll use =D.

  4. LOL- Shawna, that's hilarious! It's true, he had a dirty diaper that was toxic!! Peee-yew!


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