Sunday, August 22, 2010

A (not so) Quiet Morning at Home

It sure would be nice if the kiddos were snuggly like this picture right now! We're home on a Sunday morning (weird!). Georgia Anne had a runny nose off and on the last few days, so we decided I should stay home from church with her *just in case*. She's fine. Ask me how I know?!

{How do you know, Allie?}

Well, she has been running around the house all morning- she and Andrew are building forts and conquering ottomans and playing together. Andrew has been quite disappointed that he didn't get to go to church but is playing well with sister. Well, he just ran over her toe with an ottoman, but he's playing well other than that. :) It was an accident and she's fake crying- he's hugging her & apologizing and now tickling her saying, "that's a fake cry! Fake crying girl!" Those two crack me up.

Anyways, I'm using my time (between putting up hair, getting drinks, changing diapers, etc etc) to listen to a great sermon on reaching out. Check August 8 & 15. I heard Part 2 last Sunday at Mom & Dad's church- it was challenging & encouraging! And even though I'm only getting Part 1 in fits & spurts b/c I'm being interrupted a LOT, it's good.

Actually, I think I'll stop listening & play and then come back. :) I hope you're enjoying your Sunday and that the Lord is growing you through time in His Word!!

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  1. We missed you this morning! I love that picture. And I love all the silly bands Andrew has on. :)


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