Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brotherly Love

You know those moments when everything is going perfectly? The big kids were playing happily (together!), Timothy & Andrew were taking their naps and Georgia Anne was exploring happily. Of course that couldn't all last too long. Georgia Anne started crying and Andrew (supposed to be napping) rushed to my bedroom.

Andrew: "Georgia Anne crying!"
Me: "Yes, I hear her."
Andrew: "Georgia Anne need you."
Me: "Thanks. I'll go get her."
Andrew: "Georgia Anne crying me hit her on heeeaad."

Ah HA! The truth comes out! At least he fessed up, right? Turns out she was about to do a "no no" and... whack! He stopped her, all right!

Do I love my children, family & friends enough to stop them from sinning... no matter what the cost?


  1. ALLIE!!!

    *gasp* [!!!] Georgia Anne is ADORABLE. NOt that she wasn't already, but she's growing up too fast - waaah! She looks Olsen all over, but I love her hair. Oh my, the time does slip away. Was it really December when I saw y'all last? Or no - it was wheat order in March. But stil.... Glad to hear from you. I was thinking about you and your blog the other day, and wondered what was happening. Figured you were busy living life and enjoying those moments which are gone by too quickly. But it's nice to see you around every now and then!

  2. To answer your question: do you love others enough to stop them from matter what the cost? Yes, you've hit me on the head several times...I was just being stoic so you didn't notice but i was crying inside. Crying because someone cared enough!

  3. A simple illustration that makes it so real! You take all the daily life misshapes that would most likely pas by most busy moms (especially one of 5 little ones) and give God the glory for his teaching. I thank God I have such a wonderful example in my life!



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