Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guess What's Coming?

I bet you can't guess what I'm thinking... No, it has nothing to do with play dates or politics or vacations or food. Okay, it does have a little to do with food. :) And how you view this event has everything to do with how you engage in politics... But I digress.

Okay, Easter is coming! This is arguably one of the most important days within the church and yet most people give little thought to Easter beyond buying a new dress or maybe an Easter basket. But we should!

I'm a little extra-excited this year because Easter and Passover coincide with each other. The unity of all of scripture was never as clear to me as when we first kept Passover. No, we didn't sacrifice a lamb- I know that was taken care of on the Cross! What I didn't know was all of the other ways Jesus fulfilled OT traditions and prophecies. Like the red ribbon running through the park in this picture, all of scripture points to our saviour and, ultimately, His death for us.

Take some time over the next week to think of ways to share BIBLICAL truths with your children this Easter! I don't mean sticking a Bible Story Book in their Easter baskets (though you can do that as well), but actually looking into scripture with the kiddos and finding your joy and your identity and your family traditions in His Word!

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