Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Notorious Gingerbread Nativity

Since this Christmas project has drawn so much attention, I thought I'd keep ya'll up to date on our progress. I initially blogged about this as a favorite Christmas tradition on our church's blog: (You'll have to look in the "Categories" section on the R & click on "Christmas Traditions" and then scroll down till you see the gingerbread nativity. My disclaimer is: It's a family project that the children primarily do, so don't expect a Southern Living display. :) Enjoy!)

Anyways, today we did the baking. Did I mention that I have a love-hate relationship with this unit study? I love to hate it! I love the idea of baking with all the children surrounding me in their cute little aprons. Everyone working together to measure, mix, roll and cut the cookies. Well, we did at least get the aprons on and the cookies baked!! This is much further than I got last year, as Chris had to rescue me and bake it with the kiddos for me last year!

So the inevitable bad thing this year? I broke my crystal teapot! :( Diane gave it to me years ago and I have loved it all along... well, I bumped it the wrong way with a hot cookie sheet and it's a goner. I also forgot about my bread, which was rising, and it mushroomed. The good news is I didn't burn the cookies this year, we had enough dough to make all the parts AND there was enough left for Ben to make us gingerbread to eat! And I salvaged the bread dough and turned out 2 yummy loaves after all! Yippee!


  1. OH NO!!! Not your teapot!!! I would have promptly sat down and cried. :(

  2. what a neat idea, and a great one to do with your children! :) So sorry about your teapot, but I think it's in those times (when something temporal gets messed up or broken) that we (I) realize that I ought to be so thankful that the eternal things (people, children) did not get hurt. I hope this doesn't sound lame, and I know there are really special things we have that hold many memories with them, and we're sad when they're gone, but oh that I'd have an eternal perspective to be thankful in all things...

    I had a great time w/you all today...we seemed to camp out at your place, hope that didn't keep you from getting a rest or other important things done. It was fun to be able to photograph Miss Georgia Anne & to get to visit with you. Now I'm off to edit my hundreds of pictures from this week and head to bed eventually...long weekend ahead. (yawn)

    Love you!
    Ruth Ann


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