Friday, September 5, 2008

No greater love...

Sunday, I was really tired. My body was so tired, I couldn't even stand for worship! Baby felt BIG and heavy and low... in hindsight, I see it was the culmination of several nights without sleep, the children and I travelling and Chris being out of town- I was just worn out!

When Seth lead us in the song, "We put our hope in You" (I guess that's the title), I was reminded of God's goodness in a new way. I lean on him in a different way when I don't have any other choice... perhaps my life will grow in such a way that I will be that dependant on Him regardless of my circumstances. (Let it be so, Lord.)

I jotted these notes down as I worshipped this great God who speaks to me, personally. "When I'm exhausted, sick and physically worn out, I would do well to remember Christ's death. He laid down His life for me and now He holds my days in the palm of His hand. These days aren't a surprise for Him! And His example for me is not simply endurance- it is joyful submission!! It is putting my hope not in how I feel physically, but in Christ and His loving death for me.

Thank You, Lord, for songs full of Your Word, Your Truths, sound doctrine... thank You for encouraging me Sunday and for sustaining me every day.


  1. thanks for the encouragement although right now I am a bit groggy minded. :)

    Ruth Ann


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