Friday, August 15, 2008

Not too long ago...

I was thinking about babies and what a miracle they are. I've been reading some childbirth books in preparation for the labor I'll go through in a few weeks. It's so interesting that I can learn new things about birth even though I've already been through it 4 times- I'm sure this labor will be different from the others and so I want to be as prepared as possible so it will be an exciting time, not one I'm fearful of.

I've also looked through photos of our previous births and marvelled at how sweet the children are and how you can see a bit of their personalities even at birth! Andrew was happy, calm, and snuggly from the get-go. One photo taken immediately after his birth is of him resting in my arms with one hand in his mouth and the other on his head. He did that a lot in the womb as well and it was fascinating to see him doing what I had felt him doing while he was still inside!

I'll post a different picture, though, (for decency!) of him being sweet and smiley when he was getting his first checkup a few hours after birth. I am so blessed to have experienced the miracle of birth and am excited to welcome a new little one into our family soon(ish). As you think of us, please pray for the new Olsen to be born healthily, without complications, and quickly but not too quickly. *grin* And for Chris & me to always recognize him as a gift from the Lord.

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