Thursday, April 3, 2008

DC Family Trip

Wow, DC is amazing! We had a great time learning, touring, laughing, hanging out with Jenny, eating (did you know Dean & Deluca has great chocolate!?), and just seeing a new part of the country.

It was a bit chilly for this Florida girl (30s to 50s), but truly the Lord blessed us with perfect weather.

The slideshow starts with our drive to Carey & Claudia's in NC. They have such a beautiful home and family! (We miss you guys!) We completed our trip to DC the 2nd day- but had a 2 hour delay when an accident stopped traffic. At least we had a gorgeous view and PB&J ingredients in the van! When we arrived in Gaithersburg late that night, our dear friend Jenny W had beds ready and heaters on- what a blessing.

The tourist pix start at the Mall on Easter Sunday. We celebrated Christ's resurrection at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg. CJ preached a great message (as he is known to do- hand motions and all!) and we all enjoyed worshipping with the CLC church family. Then we headed into town and you'll see some of our stops- monuments, museums and T Rexes- OH MY!

The week was fantastic in every way- even silly mishaps became great memories. When it rained in Annapolis, we took advantage of the Loews Hotel's Playstation and Fischer Price toys to have a fun morning after all. :) That's just one little example of the Lord's goodness and grace over our family as we travelled. Many people called us crazy for driving 12 hours up with 9,6,3 & 1 year olds but we wouldn't change a moment of the trip if we could.


  1. Kenny and I just went to DC in Jan and we have that same picture. Anyways, you all look really good. Cant wait to see more pictures.

  2. fun! fun! I want to go to DC :) Sounds like loads of fun. As for the weather, now you're back to reality aren't you? It's just Florida. :grin:

    Glad you're back!!

  3. I miss you guys already! Thanks for sharing your vacation with me. I loved it!

  4. Thanks for sharing pics! It looks like you had a grand adventure. ;)

  5. Such a great story, wish I could have come, D.C. is a blast!

  6. That was fun. I can't wait to do it again in 10 years :)


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